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Sunnya Pty Ltd (Sunnya), founded in August 2014, is located in beautiful Sydney, Australia. The company is mainly engaged in brand product research and development, production and export business. At present, Sunnya's business is all over the world, with Australia and China as the center, radiating to New  Zealand, South Korea and other markets, and gradually layout the world. Sunnya has created Neurio brand, with neurio goat infant formula, neurio formulated milk powder with lactoferrin series from infant, adult and middle-aged and elderly, neurio dairy products and health care products and other products, and has established business cooperation relations with a number of companies and enterprises in China. In October 2018, JAT energy Limited (JAT), an Australian listed company, became the holding company of Sunnya. Sunnya has also established cooperative relations with Australia Woolworths Tmall international, Heathone, Healthmore and HVK etc. large wholesale and chain pharmacies channels, with Tmall, Jingdong, Koala and so on big network platform in China online sales channel, with a good relationship with Haipaike, Aiyingshi, Haiziwang ect. in China offline large maternal and infant chain channels, and many other powerful sales .

Australia has the best natural resources and environment in the world, and its land is sparsely populated. However, its cattle and goat are among the largest in the world. Sunnya benefited from the unique resource advantage of Australia, combined with the professional technology and business philosophy and experience of its own R&D team, determined the three-step strategy of managing Australian brands, developing Australian products and expanding the Chinese market. In the past five years, with the cooperation and joint efforts of Australia's professional research and development institutions, the company has established Australian brands and developed Australian products as the focus to form a series of Australian brands and products. Under the joint efforts of the major sales teams around the world, the company has established a good image of the brand and achieved steady improvement of the brand and benefits.

Adhering to the idea of "New for you, health for you", Sunnya constantly explore and pursuit of updated health concept, constantly transcend ourselves to pursue higher goals, constantly research and develop and produce the products satisfy and lead the market demand, and provide Australian brand products with good quality and good price, meet the needs of human health and the pursuit of high quality life.

Our brand, Neurio is originated in Australia and New Zealand, with a meaning of New for You in English. Since Neurio’s founding more than a decade ago, our management and R&D team have been adhering to the concept of being innovative and prioritizing the health of our clients. We are attempting to make healthcare a less mysterious concept for the public, and dietary supplements more commonly seen in our daily life.

Neurio are constantly developing new healthy food and supplements. Such as the record of modifying milk powder that contains lactoferrin – a globular glycoprotein with a molecular mass of about 80 kDa, is regarded as the super safeguard of human body. However, only 1g of lactoferrin can be extracted from 14 kg of milk, making this material as expensive as gold for milk powder suppliers!

Three years ago, Neurio successfully launched its Rikachi Lactoferrin Formulated Powder, making this rare material more easily accessible to households whilst generating a contribution to the healthcare of babies. At the moment, the product has been one of the bestsellers among milk powders around the world.

With the advantage of Australia’s less polluted environment, alongside the usage of its natural resources, Neurio has been focusing on the concept of infant healthcare. Additionally, with our commitment into the physical and intellectual development of newborn babies. Through producing milk powder with the utmost quality globally, we aim to provide infants the earliest and most comprehensive cares physically and intellectually.

Today, our product lines have covered physical care (e.g. Neurio Calcium, Iron and Zinc Supplements), intellectual development (e.g. Neurio DHA), immunity enhancement (Neurio Rikachi Lactoferrin Formulated Powder with Lactoferrin), gastrointestinal care (Neurio Probiotics) and other important healthcare products.

Neurio will continuously explore and pursue the frontier of healthcare, to provide healthier and better products to those who are seeking.

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