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JAT’s Holding Brand

Since Neurio’s founding more than a decade ago, our management and R&D team have been adhering to the concept of “New for You, Health Comes First” for our clients. We are aiming to make healthcare a less mysterious concept for the public, and dietary supplements more commonly seen in our daily life.

Neurio has always being researching and developing healthy food, its lactoferrin consist the ability to enhance human immune functions and is named as the “super health guard of the human body.” However, only 1 gram of lactoferrin can be extracted from 14 kilograms of cow milk, known as the golden milk power. Neurio successfully launched its Rikachi Lactoferrin Formulated Powder, making this rare material more easily accessible to households whilst generating a contribution to the healthcare of babies. At the moment, the product has been one of the bestsellers among milk powders around the world.

With the advantage of Australia’s less polluted environment, alongside the usage of its natural resources, Neurio has been focusing on the concept of infant healthcare. Additionally, with our commitment into the physical and intellectual development of newborn babies. Through producing milk powder with the utmost quality globally, we aim to provide infants the earliest and most comprehensive cares physically and intellectually.

Today, our product lines have covered physical care (e.g. Neurio Calcium, Iron and Zinc Supplements), intellectual development (e.g. Neurio DHA), immunity enhancement (Neurio Rikachi Lactoferrin Formulated Powder with Lactoferrin), gastrointestinal care (Neurio Probiotics) and other important healthcare products.

Neurio will continuously explore and pursue the frontier of healthcare, to provide healthier and better products to those who are seeking.

Neurio became Australian listed company JAT’s holding brand

Neurio was selected by China’s first International Import Expo in 2018 invited by the organising committee, Neurio and JATenergy attended the opening ceremony, signing ceremony with the top 500 companies in the world, also accepted interviews from a majority of Chinese media, including Xinhua News Agency, China Central TV, People’s Daily, China Daily, China News Agency, Shanghai TV English Channel, Xinmin Evening News, The Paper and Morning News. Sincere gratitude towards organising committee’s support and encouragement.

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