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-Neurio, health for you!

“Neurio” brand meaning “New for You” origins from Australia and New Zealand. Since its establishment for more than 10 years, Neurio research and development team adheres to the theory of “New for You, Health for You”, opens the healthy mysterious veil, and lets the healthy life into all people’s ordinary daily diet!

Neurio is a brand owned by Australian listed company Jatenergy Limited (listed code JAT on ASX). JAT has a CNCA registered Australian ANMA infant formula milk powder factory. Neurio has built itself into a true Australian brand with its own brand and complete industrial chain.

Neurio has researched and developed the Neurio formulated milk powder with lactoferrin from 2015, lactoferrin has a miraculous effect on enhancing the bodies’ immunologic function, honoured as the “Human Health Super Guard”! However, only 1 gram of lactoferrin can be extracted from 14kg of cow’s milk, so also known as the “Milk Powder Gold”! Neurio R&D team has finally brought this amazing functional food to health lovers.

Neurio possesses Australian and New Zealand’s green and pollution-free natural environment and resources, also the world’s unrivalled quality milk powder, focuses on the baby and children’s health concept, pushes health and intellectual development into the pregnancy and foetus, cares wholly for the healthy growth and intellectual development of babies and children. Neurio also pays attention to the health of the elderly, researches and develops functional nutrition food that can reverse the memory decline of the elderly, prevent and cure senile dementia, improve the immunity of the elderly, and comprehensively supplement the nutritional needs of the middle-aged and elderly, which will surely give the middle-aged and elderly great help in their health!

Neurio has an entire series of health food products which cover the healthy body growth of babies and children (such as Neurio goat baby formula, Neurio formulated milk powder with lactoferrin etc.), intelligence development (Neurio DHA, ARA, sialic acid etc.), enhancing immune function (Neurio lactoferrin, sialic acid etc.), gastrointestinal health care (Neurio prebiotics, probiotics etc.) and middle-aged nutrition (Neurio formulated middle-aged nutritional powder with lactoferrin).

Neurio origins from the imagination of green grassland and blue ocean in Australia! Neurio will continue to explore and research more and more newer health concept foods, constantly surpassing the pursuit of higher goals, consistently presenting to people who are persistent in “healthier and smarter” with better and highly-qualified Neurio products.

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