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Jatenergy Limited is an Australian listed company on the ASX that specialise in investment and trade, otherwise known as JAT. The company undertook a business transformation in 2015, expanding its field to fast moving consumer goods in Australia and China. In a short span of three years, it has developed from being a simple product agent to having self-owned brand and an intact product supply chain. At the moment, JAT not only have its own or cooperative brands such as “Golden Koala”, “Neurio” and “考特村”, some of its products are now available in a variety of China’s major cross-border or trade platforms, as well as offline maternal and infant stores.

In the recent year, cross-border trade has been JAT’s major trade route. This year, JAT successfully purchased Australian supply company “Green Forest”, leading its cross-border trade onto a fast lane, simultaneously substantially increased its transaction amount. Despite its existing cross-border platforms in China, JAT also established product supply and collaboration relationships with some of China’s large enterprises, further expanded its marketing channel and product diversification. Moreover, JAT is planning to exploit markets in Europe at the end of this year, collaborating with European factories in order to offer a greater quantity and quality of overseas products to the Chinese market.

For many years, JAT has always been devoting itself into the exploitation and establishment of China’s general offline trading channels, and becoming the main product agency for Australia’s top one supermarket industry’s self-owned brand. Proprietary brand – Neurio’s series of products have all entered China’s offline retail outlets. Following the completion of purchasing Green Forest, an offline sales network has formed covering Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China and some of the Southeast Asia regions.

After gaining experience by trading with China and building a favourable product channel, facing Chinese market’s new retail challenges and opportunities, JAT have decided to establish its self-owned brand store “JAT maternal and infant pavilion” in China, directly offering Chinese consumers its high quality products from Australia and over the world. This not only directly unveils JAT’s self-own brands to Chinese consumers, allowing them to enjoy high-end quality products with low cost, additionally offering JAT the opportunity to comprehend Chinese market’s newest condition and transformation as a potential candidate in becoming world’s greatest consumer market.

From simply being a product agent to the formation of self-owned brands and supply chain integration, JAT became Australia’s leading investment and trading company in just a period of three years. Its sharp observation towards the consumer market and advancing arrangement, offered JAT the chance to walk out from Australia to the world and is continuing to progress further.

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