Leader of Lactoferrin in Australia!

Neurio is a brand of Sunnya Pty Ltd, held by the Australian-listed company JAT Limited (JAT). We mainly engaged in brand research and development, production and export. 

Consumers from mainland China are urged to beware of a copycat brand currently available in the China market. The new packaging of Neurio products bears the JAT logo on the tin which helps consumers to distinguish origin and counterfeit products.

Featured Products

Specialist formulas and balanced nutrition; Unlock the powerful protective energy in milk; Supporting the health of every family member.

Modified Milk Powder with Lactoferrin - Immune

Optimised Formula to Enhance Self-protection

Optimised health formula, more than 95% active lactoferrin, suitable for all ages; sufficient amount of immunoglobulin IgG, stimulate self-protection, promote nutrient absorption; vitamin C + taurine + zinc, multiple prime nutrient matching, guards the immunity of the whole family.

Formulated Milk Powder with Lactoferrin – Platinum

GOS Probiotics for Gastrointestinal Health

GOS Probiotics is the guardian of the stomach and intestines, moderate supplementation can regulate the balance of the intestinal flora, enhance immunity, guard intestinal health, be suitable for intestinal dysfunction and low resistance people, and care for the stomach and intestines at the same time replenish rich nutrients.

Formulated Milk Powder with Lactoferrin – Blue Diamond

Basic Formula for Daily Protection

Classic formula, with the key ingredient lactoferrin, known as the “super health guard” in the human body, appropriate supplementation can help to improve immune function, suitable for people with low resistance and prone to illness, supplementation of precious nutrients to build up daily protection.

Formulated Milk Powder with Lactoferrin + Sialic Acid

Lactoferrin + Sialic Acid, Good Partner for Growth

According to research, Sialic Acid is a brain nutrient that works on the brain’s memory and intellectual development. Sialic Acid also has an antibacterial and detoxifying effect in the intestinal tract, and promotes the intestinal absorption of vitamins and minerals, when combined with Lactoferrin, provides a double boost for the brain’s development and the body’s growth.

What made us different

Neurio is a sub-brand owned by JAT Limited (JAT), originating from Australia and New Zealand, with a full production chain, science-based, consistently high quality, excellent reputation, and committed to providing scientific nutrition for all ages, to help support their well-being, is Neurio’s unswerving mission.

Premium milk source from Australia and New Zealand

Neurio specialises in the development of dairy products, making use of the high-quality milk sources in the Southern Hemisphere to provide consumers with healthy, tasty, nutritious and sage dairy products.

Research and innovation as the foundation

Neurio, the leader of lactoferrin in Australia, has always invested in research and innovation with great passion and sees it as the foundation of its success. Neurio is dedicated to the continuous research and development of lactoferrin nutrition, and to the creation of superior and high-quality nutritional formulas for every stage fo life.

Advanced Manufacturing Ensures Top Quality

Every tin of Neurio products comes from JAT’s own factory in Melbourne, which has a globally standardised quality and safety management system covering the entire process from product development, raw material control, production technology, and original export, to the consumer to ensure the high quality of the products.

Trust and Love by Nutritionists and Consumers

Neurio is trusted by nutritionishs and millions of families for its superior quality. Insisting on the best quality, the strongest brand, the most assured production process, and the most satisfied lactoferrin priduycts by users, Neurio has been recognised bu consumer and established a good brand image.

Latest Updates

Neurio is a Sunnya Pty Ltd (Sunnya) brand owned by JAT Limited (JAT) since October 2018, originating from Australia and New Zealand, with a full production chain. Neurio cares about health for all ages, including infants, children, pregnant women, middle-aged, and the elderly. To give every family the nutrients they need to help support their well-being.

Contact Information

315/33 Lexington Drive
Bella Vista NSW 2153

Email: info@neurio.com.au

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Message to China Consumers


我们近期发现在淘宝, 天猫, 京东等平台出现模仿澳洲纽瑞优的产品, 罐身印上澳洲纽瑞优官网的二维码, 企图蒙骗消费者.

我们特此声明, 这些均为假冒伪劣仿制产品,请勿购买。


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