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From the farm to the table

Neurio always provides the best quality products to protect the well-being of your family.


Stick to the original desire to create excellent products

Neurio is a milk powder brand originated in Australia, founded by Sunnya in Sydney, in 2014 and acquired by Jatcorp Limited, an Australian listed company, in 2018. It has a series of products such as lactoferrin formula for infants, adults and seniors, goat infant formula, etc. Since its foundation, Neurio has always focused on scientific research and innovation and has been constantly making progress, just for the extraordinary quality of its products.

 Since 2018, JAT Corporation has utilized its excellent resources and robust global supply chain to expand the reach of Neurio into more countries, safeguarding households worldwide.

 Over time, Neurio has become a highly trusted Australian dairy brand, revered for its association with Australia’s unparalleled purity and natural environment. This reputation is bolstered by JAT’s dedicated ANMA factory, upholding an unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality.

Pure Feelings from Natural Australia

Neurio adheres to the philosophy of “New for You” and strictly selects 100% high-quality milk sources from Australia’s 37° South latitude golden milk belt, which can easily bring nutrition and health to the tables of thousands of families.

Discover nutrition for the whole family

Neurio customizes comprehensive nutrition by age, and its products are designed to activate the innate self-care power of infants and children, guard the immunity of adults, and care for the good health of middle-aged and elderly people.

Leading Research Technology and Innovation Strength

In 2015, Neurio’s R&D team successfully launched Lactoferrin Milk Powder, which has rapidly gained popularity due to Lactoferrin, the miracle powder that can enhance the body’s immunity, and has been dubbed the “Gold of Milk Powder” and the “Super Defender of the Human Body”.

Strength Certifications To Guard Consumers

Since 2018, Neurio has successfully promoted our brand to the Chinese market, meeting Chinese consumers both online and offline. As our milk powder manufacturer, ANMA is one of the limited (15) manufacturers accredited with the approval (from CNCA, PRC) to export infant formula to China.

Australian Dairy Products Manufacturer and Retailer
JAT –  the Australia’s Pure Guardian

Jatcorp Limited is an Australian-based manufacturer and retailer of innovative dairy products, with a professional R&D team and milk powder dry-mixing factory, ANMA, which is committed to providing high-quality products and services to consumers in Australia and overseas, and to continually innovating and improving formulas to meet consumer needs.

Pure Milk Sources

Stricter Quality Control

Genuine Traceability

ANMA Factory Tour
Experiencing the art of quality production

Neurio guarantees that every can of milk powder is produced in JAT’s own ANMA factory. Using the top production team and excellent technicians, in the highest level production plant of purification, advanced automated production lines and modern warehouse facilities, combined with professional equipment and top-level technology, to lock the milk fresh nutrients, to protect the health of the whole family.

Neurio is a Sunnya Pty Ltd (Sunnya) brand owned by JAT Limited (JAT) since October 2018, originating from Australia and New Zealand, with a full production chain. Neurio cares about health for all ages, including infants, children, pregnant women, middle-aged, and the elderly. To give every family the nutrients they need to help support their well-being.

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