From August 3rd to August 5th, the “Hi Innovation Week” (Pan-Maternal and Infant Ecological Innovation Week), hosted by CBME, was held at Hangzhou International Expo Centre and has now officially come to an end.

The CBME exhibition witnessed the vigorous development and resilience of China’s maternity, infant and child industries. This exhibition includes the Hi Innovation exhibition, Hi Innovation meeting, Hi Innovation White Paper, Hi Innovation Award, Hi Innovation five sectors, and more than 600 cutting-edge brands gathered in Hangzhou, to discuss the new trend of industry development. Neurio made a spectacular debut with new products.

Focus on the present consumer demands, maternal and child channel presents the trend of diversification, Neurio is well familiar with the importance of innovative products, adherence to high quality as the core of the brand of sustainable development, adherence to product innovation and development. Neurio has launched new products including compounded enzyme, enzyme lactase, fortified calcium compound beverage syrup, iron-rich drops, zinc-rich drops and other kinds of nutritional products.

In the new consumption era, the consumption subject and purchase channel have undergone earth-shaking changes. Through understanding the consumption habits and demands of the new generation of maternal and infant consumer groups, Neurio in this CBME is not limited to the offline display, but more combined with “live broadcasting”, “social networking” and “e-commerce”.

The model of online + offline integration provides face-to-face communication for our customers, which has been widely concerned by the majority of consumers.

It is worth mentioning that Neurio Formulated Milk Powder with Lactoferrin (immune version) won the Best Quality Award [Trend Nutrition List] in the 2022 CBME Awards and the “finalist Award”. This is not only the recognition of Neurio products, but also the recognition of Neurio’s brand potential.

Since entering the Chinese market, Neurio has always been adhering to the concept of “innovation for you, health for you” and committed to the cause of great health. Benefiting from the high-quality milk sources in Australia and New Zealand, with dairy products as the main research direction, Neurio products have covered a full range of products for the special needs of all ages, and the product matrix has been constantly improved.

In the future, Neurio will adhere to independent innovation, constantly explore and pursue the newest health concept, enhance the ability of sustainable development, and fully meet consumers’ pursuit of a better life.