From June 2020, Neurio’s Lactoferrin advertisement will welcome its grand premier on – CCTV-1; CCTRV-2; CCTV-12; CCTV-7; CCTV-4; CCTV17 – the seven China Central TV channels, revealing Neurio’s true inner potential to the public.

CCTV, the most high-end and authoritative media platform, has been a golden channel for many enterprises to promote their brands. The presence of CCTV is a strong indicator of Neurio’s confidence in the brand’s product quality.

Neurio is benefited from Australia’s pollution-free natural environment and natural resources for excellent milk quality, the team focuses on the concept of aggregate health. To be able to showcase it on CCTV is also a sign of the government’s approval for Neurio’s technology and production process.

The road before us is long and winding, depart now and we shall be arriving. With this opportunity, Neurio will utilize the advantages of CCTV to bring better and healthier products to more consumers.