Given the serious situation of a large number of counterfeit Neurio brand products in the Chinese mainland market, and to protect the rights and interests of consumers and the reputation of the company to the greatest extent, and to prevent fake products from confusing consumers, after careful consideration, our company has officially decided to upgrade and replace Neurio brand products and adjust the sales strategy in the Chinese market. The specific measures are as follows:

Suspend the supply of Neurio brand products to the Chinese mainland market (including cross-border e-commerce and general trade imports), and upgrade the Neurio brand to the Moroka brand.

Upgrade the original Neurio brand product packaging and formula to Moroka packaging and formula, specifically:

a. Neurio White (Platinum) Edition will be upgraded to Moroka Platinum Edition.

b. Neurio Blue Diamond Edition will be upgraded to Moroka Blue Diamond Edition.

c. Neurio Immune Edition will be upgraded to Moroka Immune Edition. d. Neurio Middle-Aged and Elderly Edition will be upgraded to Moroka Middle-Aged and Elderly Edition.

The above measures will be implemented from 18:00 on April 21, 2023. Genuine products purchased by Chinese consumers (with the JAT logo and Australian-made Kangaroo logo) will continue to be protected by the company. Products without the JAT logo and the Made in Australian logo on the market are counterfeit and inferior products, and the company cannot guarantee the quality of such products or provide customer service.

Neurio brand products sold in countries and regions outside the Chinese mainland, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Macau, will not be affected.

Our company will continue to provide high-quality services to Chinese consumers, increase efforts to crack down on infringement and piracy, pursue the responsibilities of relevant parties, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company and consumers.

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