From August 8 to August 9, 2022, the 17th Boiling Point Meeting and the 4th National Head Meeting held by Boiling Point Exhibition, founded by Boiling Point World, will be held at Guangzhou Poly World Expo.

This exhibition includes food snacks, home furnishments, maternal and infant products and other categories of goods, the country’s top community platforms gathered in Guangzhou to inspect and select products. Through the innovative activity mode of “meeting + exhibition + performance + banquet, immersive experience”, the site will provide a one-stop source information collection and product selection docking service for families, fast docking, and achieve community transaction!

On the scene of the exhibition, Neurio with its full range of products made a grand appearance, and gathered with major imported dairy enterprises and commercial purchasers of various channels to actively communicate, integrate resources and share the new future of the dairy industry!

In the future, we hope to share more wonderful moments with you and look forward to meeting you again.