This subway advertisement launch is another heavy investment from Neurio after showcasing on TV channels such as Chine Central TV, Finance and Economics channel for half an hour, as well as online platforms such as the

This action has not only delivered Neurio’s brand concept of “New for you, Health priorities”, at the same time through online and offline advertising, demonstrates Neurio’s commitment to brand development, and its determination in becoming the largest brand in healthy food products.

Speed and convenience are synonyms of subway trains, thus, subway train advertising had always been one of the major advertisement platforms for high-end brands. They attract a tremendous number of passenger flow, gathers those population who pursues high quality of life. As a location with intensive traffic, advertisements inside the trains or the thousands of light boxes become the focal point of people.

This subway advertising of Neurio will certainly serve as a major assistance in Neurio’s upgrading, bringing the brand and its quality products and service to more potential buyers.