As the IP of product Awards, CBME Awards adheres to the selection of annual new products with high appearance level, creativity, fashion sense and intelligent halo.

Congratulations to Neurio formulated milk powder with lactoferrin (immune version) for winning the Best Quality Award [Trend Nutrition List] in the 2022 CBME Awards and for winning the “Finalist Award”.

Neurio-formulated milk powder with lactoferrin (immune version) stood out among 611 entries and was successfully shortlisted. We look forward to the final announcement of the award on August 3rd.

Neurio is an Australian and New Zealand brand owned by SUNNYA. Sunnya Pty Ltd (Sunnya) was founded in Sydney, Australia in August 2014, and has set up branches in New Zealand and China. Sunnya is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, export and sales of healthy food and dairy products.

Adhering to the concept of “innovation for you, health for you”, Neurio is committed to the cause of great health. Benefiting from the high-quality milk sources in Australia and New Zealand, Neurio products focus on functional food and dairy products with a full range of products covering the special needs of all ages:

  1. Maternal health and fetal development (Neurio maternal milk powder, Neurio DHA algal oil drink, etc.)
  2. Overall healthy growth and development of infants (Neurio lactoferrin series, Neurio infant formula sheep milk powder, Neurio basic nutrition series, Neurio probiotic drops, etc.)
  3. Healthy growth and development of children and adolescents (Neurio lactoferrin yeast version, Neurio children goat milk powder, Neurio bonepep, etc.)
  4. Study and Exam Preparation (Neurio DHA algal oil, Neurio student powder, etc.)
  5. Nutrition and health of adults and middle-aged and elderly people (Neurio middle-aged and elderly lactoferrin, Neurio middle-aged and elderly probiotics, Neurio middle-aged and elderly phosphatidylserine, Neurio full cream/skim milk powder, etc.)

Neurio’s products are centred in Australia, New Zealand and China, with simultaneous sales in Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US.